Jonathan Wilson - Dixie Blur

Posted on Jul 27, 2020 by Callum Nobes

Jonathan Wilson - Dixie Blur

I have been excited for this release since seeing Jonathan Wilson perform many of these tracks at Americanafest in Nashville last September. Further to this, ‘Dixie Blur’ is a follow-up from 2018’s ‘Rare Birds’ which was one of my favourite releases of that year. Like his previous releases ‘Dixie Blur’ is a relatively long album clocking in at slightly over 55 minutes. ‘Dixie Blur’ is produced by Wilson himself, something he has done on all his solo albums. Further to this he has produced many great records in recent years, including the work of both ‘Dawes’ and ‘Father John Misty’.

Wilson has spent the past years touring and recording with a range of high-quality musicians such as Jackson Browne, Roger Waters, Robbie Robertson, Elvis Costello, and Roy Harper. ‘Dixie Blur’ is a step in a new direction for Wilson, as the album has a real country influence behind it. This release is the first time Wilson has recorded a full-length album in Nashville and this sound is evident in tracks such as ‘So Alive’, ‘In Heaven Making Love’, and ‘El Camino Real’.\ 

For me, the standout on the album is the work by fiddler Mark O’Connor. Over a period of 45 years, O’Connor has had an extremely successful career, releasing 45 albums himself covering many genres such as Country, Bluegrass, Jazz and Classical. The work from O’Connor on this album takes it in a completely new direction, complementing Wilson and the band perfectly. Currently this is my favourite release this year, and I would recommend it for any Folk, Country, and Americana fan. 

Listen to: ’69 Corvette, So Alive, Oh Girl, Pirates